The Mahanayak Sardar Patel Sangh is a political organization with a modern ideology and nationalist concept on account of its nationalist stand, towards solution to the nation’s burning problems being carried over the past 64years of independence. These factors also contribute to the sangh having a wide ranging and large following throughout the length and the breadth “north to south and east to west” of the country.

Under the sangh’s constitutional frame-work, the MSPS has a large organizational set-up throughout the nation. The organizational unit starts at the ward/gram level and process goes upto Working Committees which have been constituted at the national level. To keep all units of the organization constantly operational, it is essential for the sangh to have four main components i.e. workers, programme, offices and Kosh (funds) intact. Worker is the very back bone of the sangh. Programmes are organized to keep the worker active. Programmes are implemented at all levels by Sangh office. Funds, as you know, are needed to run the sangh office smoothly and pursue sangh programmes effectively.

In order to achieve success in its objectives, the Sangh also needs reliable manpower as well as adequate financial resources. Initially, on a limited scale, this scheme has been launched. Considering its’ necessity the national President, Shri Ram Avtaar sastry announced the scheme while addressing the core body meeting at Delhi head quarter Sahayog Kosh Sadasyata Abhiyan” to collect funds for the Sangh. This scheme was simple, transparent, accountable and dependable.

Under this unique scheme an contribution of Rs. 1,000/- to Rs. 1,00,000/- or Rs. 10,000 can be subscribed to the Sangh fund to enable it to smoothly run its affairs.

The MSPS stands committed towards bringing purity, transparency and accountability in public life and invites all its respectable members, supporters, well-wishers and friends, last but not least the workers, to become ” Sahayogi” members of the Sangh.

Let us join hands to purify politics and enroll ourselves as members of the Sahayog Kosh and take the first step towards clean politics.

- Ram Avtaar Sastry (MSPS President)

A Lifetime Commitment
Contribution of Rs. 1,00,000/-
“Vishesh Sahayog Kosh”

Under this unique scheme you can become member of Vishesh Sahayog Kosh. Under the scheme “Lifetime Commitment” you can make one time contribution of Rs. 1,00,000/-. (One lacs) The fund contributed by you will be deposited in the bank as “fixed-deposit”. The interest earned on it will be considered as contribution by you and will be used to meet the day to day expenses of organization (Mandal, District, State and Central Office) of MSPS. The deposited money will be refunded by the Vishesh Sahyog Kosh at the time of termination of the member, wise-versa.

- Incharge, Sahayog Kosh

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